Randal Wright and Randy Northam are the owners of Eventures, a party rental and planning service for every occasion. They have access to the hottest design items when it comes to setting the trend in social decor. They have transformed the art of entertaining in Northwest Arkansas by creating events that continue to be talked about.

Randal is the creative mind and Randy is the project engineer who makes it happen. If Randal dreams up an outdoor party with 12-foot columns, gardens and fountains then Randy builds it...full scale. To simply call them party planners is like saying Elvis was just a singer.

With the Rogers/Bentonville area growing, the two noticed the need to be more accessible throughout the entire area. They now have offices in both, Fayetteville and Rogers!

Q: How and when did you get started in this business?

A: We started Eventures in 1995, Suzie Stephens (former owner of Nibbles) and Anne Foster (former owner of Parties Galore) were huge influences. When Anne sold her company, there was a huge need for event planning and rentals. Suzie was the most popular person for catering at the time. We borrowed two folding tables from Suzie and stored them in our living room. That was the beginning of Eventures Party Rentals.

Q: When planning an over-the-top bash like you did when XNA opened, what are the main challenges?

A: With the opening of the airport, the biggest challenge was dealing with the secret service [because of President Clinton’s visit]. Pulling off any event outdoors is always a challenge, but setting up on a landing strip presented challenges of its own. And challenges always happen, but that’s what having an experienced team on your side is all about.

Q: Tell me about one of the biggest parties you’ve done?

A: We handle so many of the events in Northwest Arkansas, that it’s hard to say which on was the biggest. We have done several weddings with 600-plus guests. One of the most memorable was when Kelly from The Real World married Scott Wolf from Party of Five. Celebrity weddings are always a challenge, but they are really no different than anyone else’s wedding. It always comes down to two people in love, and we want to do everything we can to make their day the best they have every had.

Q: How many events do you organize each year?

A: We play a part in more than 1,500 events a year...anything from providing rentals to planning and handling the entire event.

Q: What makes a good party a great one?

A: The details make a good party a great one. Small details add up. A special ribbon tied on the napkins or photos of the bride and groom placed on guest tables can add a memory that guests will talk about later.

Q: Since you’ve been in the business, how had high-end entertaining changed?

A: Well, society’s trends have changed and thankfully it’s easier for us to find the things that we need to pull off some of these events.

Q: What kind of trends have changed with brides/wedding planning these days?

A: Many of my brides tend to go for more of the clean lines and modern items now. We use lots of furniture and specialty lighting now, which are items that weren’t used that often in past.

Q: Do you prefer simple or outrageously grand parties?

A: Grand! Grand! Grand!

Q: Any Advise for Hosting A Small Cocktail Party With Friends?

A: You don’t have to break the bank to have any party. I like to do at least one thing that’s so over-the-top that guests will talk about long after the party is over.

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