Photography Studio

What is a photography studio? 

It is an area where you can take good pictures of someone or something. There isn’t a minimum or maximum concerning the size of the studio. You just need to dedicate a small space in your home. Ideally, it is a space that isn’t getting used much. For example, one great idea would be to use the attic or the basement for it.  

How do you set up a studio for photography? 

You will need the basic materials which are lights, light modifiers, background and light stands. All these things have cheap and expensive options so it depends on your budget. If you think you have what it takes to have a professional wedding photographer then you can invest inexpensive materials that you will benefit in the long run. However, if it is just a short-term hobby for you then you can just get a bunch of cheap equipment. There may be times when you won’t be using these things anyway. Just be sure that you will store them in a handy place. The best light modifier would be an umbrella since it is the cheapest option available. You can even use it for other purposes when you are not using it for the studio. Of course, make sure it is not wet when you use it for the photoshoot. 

 What is the difference between doing photography in the studio versus in the natural environment? 

The most obvious difference between doing photography in a studio versus in a natural environment is you will have a better background. You can even play around with the materials that are scattered around the natural environment. For example, if you are shooting in a forest then you can have the subject be covered in leaves. It will give a great natural impression to whoever sees it.  

How do you make good indoor lighting for pictures? 

The first thing to keep in mind would be to turn off the lights inside the room. It would not make sense to depend on natural light then have the lights on at the same time. Besides, natural light does not really like competition. One thing to use would be a mirror as it controls natural light in ways you never thought you would see. Another material that is ideal for the photography session is a reflector so natural light will bounce around the room. Yes, there are some neat tricks you can do with the reflector and it will result in a grand photo. Perhaps, the best tip would be to  

What is the best camera setting for studio photography? 

The best camera mode for a portrait is manual so you can control the other settings to the most appropriate one. The ideal distance from the subject would be around 200 mm as the photo won’t be that good when you are too close to the subject. The ISO should be only 100 or 200 while the shutter speed should be 1/125.