Wedding – Legal Requirement


The journey towards marriage and getting married to your loved one is a dream of every dating couple. One may also forget even about legal requirements due to activities involved in planning the wedding from the outfits to the venue of the wedding. When a person wants to get married in Australia it is vital to know the requirements for planning the wedding until the couple gets married. Whether you are planning to have this wonderful event in the church or a civil wedding it is important to understand the legal requirements.

Legal requirements for getting married in Australia

There are important key points that an individual should understand when they want to marry legally in Australia. Wedding legal requirements according to the Department of Attorney General are:
Persons to get married should not be involved in any marriage with other people.

  • An individual also should be at least 18 years of age.
  • An individual should not be marrying their brother, sister, parent, grandchild or child.
  • An individual who is getting married should also use certain words on that particular day of the wedding ceremony.

Paperwork needed for marriage in Australia

Required paperwork and documentation should be made available for a couple to be legally married in Australia. Some of documents or paperwork required include:

  • A Divorce Certificate if a person is divorced.
    If a person is a widower they should show proof by a death certificate or a previous marriage certificate.
  • A statutory declaration provided by the celebrant should be completed.
    If a person is adopted they should provide an adoption certificate.
  • A birth certificate and an Australian or Overseas passport is also required
  • Difference between a marriage certificate and a marriage license

A marriage license is a document that authorizes an individual to get married. One gets a marriage license before a marriage certificate. To obtain a marriage license a couple should be 18 years of age or if younger they should have consent from a judge or parent. On the other hand, a marriage certificate is a document that proves an individual is married. It is also a document that the couple, witness and officiant sign to prove that the couple is married.

Process of Marriage Registration

If a couple is planning to register their marriage they should follow some requirements to ensure that the entire process is done effectively and efficiently. Some of the documentation required during marriage registration include documents indicating the date of birth of both the wife and the husband. There should be a proof of address, for instance, the passport, driving license or voter I.D. The couple should also fill an application form that is signed by both the wife and husband.

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Why portrait photographs are required?

The appearance of a person will change over some time, so taking a photograph is the best way to keep a record of how the person looks. The skills and techniques required to take a good photograph of a person differ from the techniques required to take landscape, product and other photos. Thus portrait photography is a branch of photography which specializes in taking high-quality photos of one person or a group of persons to highlight their facial features and appearance. In these photos, the background is usually plain, with the focus being the person or persons.

One of the reasons why portrait photography is important is because it is a record of the appearance of the person at a particular time and stage of his life. While paintings can also be used to find out how a person looked, they may not be very accurate. These portrait photographs are fairly accurate images of the person since cameras are used for taking the photographs. Most people get their family photographed in the studio, especially children so that they can relive memories of the child at different ages. Usually, photographs are taken on important occasions like birthdays.

Additionally, portrait photography is used for a large number of businesses and corporate events. Many larger companies require portrait photographs of their important employees, especially their founders and top management so that no one can falsely claim to own or represent the business. Similarly, photographs are often taken of employees, especially after undergoing training for record purposes, and also ensuring that no one falsely claims to be the employee later. Many schools and colleges will take photos of the students every year, for their records and prevent academic fraud at a later date since documents can be robbed.

A good portrait photograph highlights all the facial and other features of the person or persons who are being photographed. The details should be shown clearly so that it is possible to identify the person from the photograph many years later even if the person has aged. Good photographers are also able to capture the mental state of the person who is being photographed at the time of taking the photograph. Some photographers are also able to capture the personality of the individuals photographed, and in the case of group photos, the relationship between the persons being photographed.

Though some portrait photographs are taken outdoors, a majority of the photographs are taken in the studio of the photographer since he has more control over the lighting. There are multiple options while taking photographs depending on the requirement of the customer. For a single person, the person may be seated or standing. Only the face of the person may be photographed, or the entire body may be covered in the photo. One of the most important portraits of photography settings is the lighting which is being used, with three-point lighting and butterfly lighting being the most common settings, though other methods may also be used.

Three-point lighting uses three or more lights to illuminate the person being photographed to highlight the features of the person to create a three-dimensional image of the person. The main light which is used to illuminate the face is the key light which is placed at an angle. Depending on the background a high key or low key light may be used. The fill-in light is used to control the contrast for a scene, especially the shadows. The back-light can be adjusted to highlight a particular aspect of the person who is being photographed like their hair. Accent lights may also be used.

Butterfly lighting is another lighting technique which is used by film studios and others for taking photographs of actresses and other celebrities. This lighting technique uses fewer lights. The key light is placed directly in front of the subject and a rim light is also used for added illumination. A reflector may be placed below the face of the subject to provide fill light. This lighting technique usually only highlights the facial features of the person and has a dark background. Background lights may also be utilized while taking photographs for creating special effects like a halo around the face of the person.

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Photography Studio

What is a photography studio? 

It is an area where you can take good pictures of someone or something. There isn’t a minimum or maximum concerning the size of the studio. You just need to dedicate a small space in your home. Ideally, it is a space that isn’t getting used much. For example, one great idea would be to use the attic or the basement for it.  

How do you set up a studio for photography? 

You will need the basic materials which are lights, light modifiers, background and light stands. All these things have cheap and expensive options so it depends on your budget. If you think you have what it takes to have a professional wedding photographer then you can invest inexpensive materials that you will benefit in the long run. However, if it is just a short-term hobby for you then you can just get a bunch of cheap equipment. There may be times when you won’t be using these things anyway. Just be sure that you will store them in a handy place. The best light modifier would be an umbrella since it is the cheapest option available. You can even use it for other purposes when you are not using it for the studio. Of course, make sure it is not wet when you use it for the photoshoot. 

 What is the difference between doing photography in the studio versus in the natural environment? 

The most obvious difference between doing photography in a studio versus in a natural environment is you will have a better background. You can even play around with the materials that are scattered around the natural environment. For example, if you are shooting in a forest then you can have the subject be covered in leaves. It will give a great natural impression to whoever sees it.  

How do you make good indoor lighting for pictures? 

The first thing to keep in mind would be to turn off the lights inside the room. It would not make sense to depend on natural light then have the lights on at the same time. Besides, natural light does not really like competition. One thing to use would be a mirror as it controls natural light in ways you never thought you would see. Another material that is ideal for the photography session is a reflector so natural light will bounce around the room. Yes, there are some neat tricks you can do with the reflector and it will result in a grand photo. Perhaps, the best tip would be to  

What is the best camera setting for studio photography? 

The best camera mode for a portrait is manual so you can control the other settings to the most appropriate one. The ideal distance from the subject would be around 200 mm as the photo won’t be that good when you are too close to the subject. The ISO should be only 100 or 200 while the shutter speed should be 1/125.  

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What is eco-friendly catering services?

What is eco-friendly catering services? 

Eco-friendly catering services is a company that implements environment-friendly methods for their business. Perhaps, the most common way for green catering companies to conserve the environment is to not use plastic. Instead of using a plastic spoon, fork and water bottle, It is no secret plastic materials build up the number of waste products in any area. It is important to prevent food wastage as much as possible. If there are a lot of leftovers, it is best to not throw those things to the garbage can. Why not give them to the poor people instead? 

How can a catering service have an impact on the environment? 

A catering service can have an impact on the environment by doing a lot of things. When it comes to tables and chairs, it would not make sense to use plastic. It would be better to use glass and porcelain and these things would even make the setup more presentable. Yes, it will attract other people to avail of your green catering services in the future. In addition, it would be better to buy from local farms. It would not be a good idea to buy from factories as they pollute the environment a lot. Therefore, it won’t be wise to patronize their services. You’re even going to save a lot of money when you buy from local farmers and it would be a great feeling to support local goods. Also, the meat products won’t be traveling far so the vehicles they use won’t pollute the air that much.  

What are the key factors for environment-friendly catering services? 

First, make sure you regularly service the vehicle you use in delivering the food and drinks. You will need a truck to deliver all that food and it won’t produce much pollution if it is serviced often. Another factor is the machines you use in cooking the food. You must choose the ones that have an energy star guarantee, so you won’t consume much energy. This would also allow you to save money in the upcoming energy bills. You may have to invest a lot of money for those appliances but it is going to be worth it. Perhaps, the best way to serve environment-friendly food is to serve mostly vegetables. Cows release a lot of greenhouse gases so if the demand for meat increases, that means more cows should exist.  

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